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Google Analytics for WinRT

A simple but powerful Google Analytics client library for Windows Store apps.

Current Features

  • Realtime analytics support
  • Page view tracking
  • Event tracking, including label and value support
  • Custom variable support
  • Analytics session persistence via ApplicationData
  • Supports multiple web property tracking within a single application

Planned Features

  • A working sample application and tutorial
  • Improved "audience" support (e.g. screen size, client size, platform, etc.)
  • Offline tracking support
  • Campaign tracking support

Getting the Nascent.GoogleAnalytics binaries

Currently, there are only two options for getting the latest binaries
  1. Simply download a ZIP archive of the latest binaries from the Downloads page and reference it from your project.
  2. Alternatively, you can download the latest source and build the binary yourself.
We're working on putting together a NuGet package, which will be a final option for installing the source, once it's uploaded to the NuGet gallery.

How to use

We're working on a blog post that goes over the library features in detail, with a tutorial on how to integrate it with your Metro style applications. This should be posted by mid November 2012.

In the meantime, please refer to the XML documentation - it should be fairly straightforward.


Company and Developers: Nascent Blog

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